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Did Your Snow Crab Taste Funny? Here’s Why.

If you’ve ordered snow crab in recent weeks and found yourself put off by the quality and taste, you’re not alone. The first-ever cancellation of Alaska’s Bering Sea snow crab harvest has caused ripple effects across the seafood industry, and restaurant-goers looking to feast on the once-abundant crustacean will find disappointment in the quality of the industry’s frozen stock reserves.

The unprecedented cancellation of Alaska’s Bering Sea snow crab harvest is a total shock.

The unprecedented cancelation of this year’s snow crab harvest in the Bering Sea was a shock to not only the fishing industry of Alaska but also the countless coastal communities that depend on its success for their livelihoods. This crab harvest has been an essential revenue source for both crabbing vessels and processing plants in recent decades, and its sudden removal this season has caused widespread financial hardship throughout the state. The crab itself has a deep cultural history to Alaskan natives, with generations having relied closely on this particular species as a primary source of food and income. Its absence will surely be felt among them as they struggle to adapt to the new challenges brought about by the cancelation.

A warming sea may make these cancelations more frequent

The conditions which triggered the snow crab crash could not have been seen under preindustrial conditions – but now this occurrence can be estimated to happen every seven years. This statistic is staggering, as it reflects a rapid shift in our global climate which has been amplified by human activity. Such events remind us that we have become far more influential on our environment than is typically realized, and should make us consider our habits and how they are reshaping the world around us.

Borealization is occurring around the Arctic Ocean and the seas that border it, a product of climate change.

Borealization, or the process of the Arctic ecosystem transitioning to one more hostile to species adapted to colder conditions, is a crisis that cannot be ignored. The effects of climate change in this region are devastating and far-reaching. Warmer temperatures are altering ocean currents as well as the physical environment itself, leading to melting sea ice and thawing permafrost. Not only does this put species native to the Arctic and its seas at risk, but it has wider implications for our global climate that we must foremost confront by understanding and addressing the local impacts of borealization.

Snow crab this season will come from frozen stocks, be of lesser quality, and cost more.

With the demanding market for snow crab, which is popular in many dishes, fishermen have been struggling to keep up with high consumer demand this season. Unfortunately, limited supplies of fresh snow crab have forced the seafood industry to resort to frozen stocks. Although this will still provide consumers with tasty dishes, it’s important to note that the quality of the crab may be lesser compared to usual. On top of that, customers should prepare for a higher price tag as well; a few extra dollars for premium quality is understandable, but price increases due to limited availability are an unfortunate reality this season.

In light of the snow crab crisis, consider ordering sustainably fished Dungeness crab, king crab, or Maine lobster.

With the snow crab crisis and fisheries in danger, it’s imperative that we choose eco-friendly alternatives for our seafood. Take advantage of this perfect opportunity to taste some of the most delicious seafood you’ll ever have! From Dungeness crab to king crab to Maine lobster – these options are not only sustainably fished, but full of flavourful delight. Give them a try and your taste buds will be thanking you for consciously consumed cuisine!

The next time you’re in the mood for a seafood feast, visit SEA Crab House. Our knowledgeable servers can help guide you to the best options based on what’s fresh and sustainable. And if snow crab is your craving, we’ll be honest with you about its current quality and make sure you leave our restaurant satisfied.

Read more about the cancelation of the snow crab harvest here at the Alaska Beacon.

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